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Arlo Pro Camera system users its own central hub which is also known as the Base Station. This is where all your Arlo camera connect. This is mainly because the camera uses Z-wave to communicate wirelessly rather than using the Wi-Fi which most other consumer-based security camera use. Hence it is essential that the Arlo cameras are connected to the Base Station which would then communicate with your home’s Wi-Fi network. By going through this blog you would be able to understand the process of Netgear Arlo Pro Wireless Security Camera Setup.

Accurate process of setting up Arlo Pro Camera

Step 1: Download and then set up the Arlo App

  • You would have to start off with downloading the Arlo app to your smartphone
  • Then you would have to open the app and further tap ‘New to Arlo’ option
  • On the next screen, you would have to choose the Arlo Product that you are setting up.
  • The app would then ask you to install the Arlo Base Station hub. For doing so you would have to connect one of the Ethernet cables into the base station and the other end to the Ethernet port on your router.
  • Once you have successfully set up the Base Station, click on ‘Continue’ on the App.
  • Then you would have to wait for the Hub to power up. The app would then automatically search for the Hub on your network.
  • When this is done, you would have to choose the time zone in the app.
  • Further, select the time zone and use the save option which is available in the top right corner.
  • Click on ‘Continue’ to proceed further.
  • You are then required to give the Base Station a name.

Step 2: Create a Netgear Account

  • You would now have to create an account with Netgear. For this start by entering your email address and then click on continue.
  • Further, give a name and password for your account and then agree to the terms and privacy policy that would be given.

Step 3: Sync your Arlo Camera to the Base Station

  • Now you would have to sync your Arlo cameras to the Base Station. You would have to do this one camera at a time.
  • Ensure that you have your cameras close by of the Base Station during the syncing process.
  • Also, make sure that you have installed the battery of the cameras.
  • Now start by pressing the sync button which is on top of the Base Station for two seconds. Release once the far right green light would begin to blink.
  • Then you would have to press and hold the sync button on the camera until the blue LED on the camera starts to blink.
  • Once you have put the Base Station and the camera on sync mode, they would automatically connect with each other. After they connect, click on the ‘Continue’ in the app until you receive the ‘Sync Complete’ message on the screen. You can further click on ‘finish’ or add more cameras option as per your requirement.

Step 4: Update the Base station and the Camera Firmware

  • After you have successfully complete syncing, the app would prompt an option of update. Now update the firmware for the Base Station as well as the Cameras.

Step 5: Check the New Security System

  • Once you have successfully completed all the above-given steps, click on the option of ‘Live’, after which you would get a live feed of your Arlo cameras.

Once you have finished all the steps that have been given above, you would be able to set up the Arlo Pro camera system. In case you come across any issue, feel free to connect with the Arlo Customer Support Number, where you would get all the required assistance for setting up the security cameras.

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